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Addictive Personality
Thor goes for a ride

Short version – Thor gets kidnapped by a Red Court, the gang steals his car, and after being pulled over by SPD, Jac makes witht he magic and veils the car, leaving one very confused officer on the side of the road.

Throw another one on the barbie...
Black Court is creating an army?

Tueseday, October 18th

Short Version

  • Davis goes to work where Mykayla reveals she knows he’s had his fingers in the cougar cases.
  • Jac goes to Digipen to talk to Prudence, gets invited to the Techno Wizard meeting by Brody
  • Davis confronts Mykayla at lunch and tells her he will explain everything at dinner the next evening.

….. break for noms….

I smell a rat...
Stephanie seems crazy, Something is up at DigiPen, Introducing Gav!

Short Version

  • The Gang talks about what is really going on with Serina
  • Jac goes to DigiPen where he meets a goth girl named Prudence and finds some evidence of demon summoning.
  • Thor goes to work where a White Court vamp drops off a note from Serina.
  • Renee meets Truck for lunch and meets Gav for the first time.
  • Davis goes to work, to have his lunchtime crashed by the Quileutes.
  • Mykayla is suspicious of Davis’ activities lately and says as much- he agrees to have dinner with her and introduce the girlfriend finally.
  • Davis tells the Quileutes that some of the houses used to belong to Teagan.
  • The Quileutes investigate one of the addresses which appears empty, but smells of death.
  • The Quileutes go back to Truck’s and have a few drinks
  • Jac goes to the Aquarium and has an interesting talk with the Nixxie
  • Jac meets up with Thor at the shop.
  • Thor and Jac decide to go to Truck’s to meet up with the Quileutes.
  • Davis meets up with Stephanie- the Janitor made it into work and Stephanie feels like she might be going insane.
  • Davis gets a call from Thor and agrees to meet at Truck’s
  • The Gang shares some booze and argues about what they should do

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I'm on a boat!
Gang goes to visit Serina on her boat as VIPs

Short Version

  • Gang goes to the Dinner Boat
  • Gang eats steak
  • Serina tells them to meet her below deck in her office
  • Serina makes offer of protection if gang is willing to try to get rid of the Viscount
  • Gang discusses their options in another room
  • Gang meets Bonnie
  • Thor orders a Scooby-doo style sandwitch
  • Davis orders a whiskey
  • Gang discusses arangement with Serina
  • Renee wants money, gets offered a job on the boat instead
  • Thor seems smitten by Serina
  • Gang tenatively agrees to Serina’s offer
  • Serina points them at Digipen
  • Gang avoids the party at the top deck
  • Gang leaves boat, worried
  • Gang meets back up at Olafson’s
  • Davis takes Stephanie home

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Things that go bump... in the basement.
The Gang investigates one of the houses on the list of safe houses.

The Gang investigates one of the addresses on the list of safe houses.

Jac and Thor impersonated police and interviewed a girl who was obviously addicted to Red Vamp venom, and they managed to get into the house, claiming to have a warrent.

Renee went around the back to try and break in, and Davis got out of the car.

While questioning the girl, Thor and Jac got the idea that there were vampires in the basement, and began pulling blinds open, hoping to draw them out into the light. While Jac was in the bedroom, a darkhound broke throught he door to the basement and was temporarily held at bay by the light.

This is when the girl screamed and tried to bolt, and Thor tackled her.

Renee cam through the kitchen window like a flash, and Davis rushed in through the door.

Davis cuffed the girl, and the darkhound rushed Thor. In a moment of sheer awesome, Renee (in cougar form) grabbed the animal by its throat and tossed it out the window, and into the sunny front yard where it burst into flames.

The Gang decided that shit was about to go down, so they called in a few favors- Davis ordered some pizza with extra garlic, and Thor rang “Truck” the werewolf.

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“Truck” arrived, ready for a fight, and Jac armed Davis with a mirror to direct sunlight into the basement.

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Bang, Fuck, I'm Dead!
Third Session
  • Davis drunkenly shoots White Court Vamp in the Seattle Underground.

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Second Session
  • Find Assassins
  • Warden kills some of them


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Getting to know you...
First session

Tristen tips off The Gang that there is a hit out on Olafson.

The Gang goes back to see Olafson to warn him about a hit put out on him to find a vamp at his door trying to get past the wards.

Renee chases him to the stairs where he makes an escape.

Davis has a freak-out moment, Olafson gives him some of Nella’s tea.

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